Top 5 Ways How to Write SEO Friendly Article


Top 5 Ways How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Top 5 ways how to write SEO friendly article


Content writing is a process in which all content writers write content for their blog or website by following these SEO tips. The question in your mind will be how to write an SEO-friendly article for the website. For SEO-friendly content, you have to write content according to SEO so that your article can easily rank in search google and your user and audience can come on it quickly.

We will give you information about which points are important related to how to write an SEO-friendly article in this blog so that you all will get to know how to write an SEO-friendly article.

How to write SEO friendly article

Here are some SEO-friendly article writing tips that you should check out.

1. Use Keywords

First of all, you have to keep the keywords in mind in the article because the keyword itself gives an outline to your content or article, which makes it easy for the search engine to read. By using keywords, the search engine gets to know at which bottom your article or blog has been written. This is the best option to bring the target audience to your article. For keywords, you first have to do keyword research and find the best keywords, for this you can use tools like Samrush, Moz, and UberSugget so that you do not have any problem writing SEO-friendly articles.

2. Right Content Structure

Within the article, you have to pay special attention to the structure of the content, as while writing the content, you should show keywords and paragraphs, heading parts and you should show the paragraph of the content in a short form so that the user can easily access the content on your article or blog. Will be able to read. In SEO friendly article, the content of the article should be written with proper structure giving importance to the user and search engine. You should write the article with the right structure so that the user does not have any problem understanding the article, your content should not be too big, and you can write content with points. You can add bullets and number points to the content.

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3. Use Heading Tags

If you are going to write SEO friendly article then you have to keep in mind the headings inside the content. You should use proper headings such as H1, H2, and H3 headings so that your article appears with proper keywords. You should use your primary keywords and secondary keywords in the headings. Using headings inside the article will give a lot of benefits as search engines can easily read and rank your content and articles.

4. Write a Compelling Title

The title also has an important role in an SEO-friendly article, such as if the title of your article or blog is attractive, then the user directly comes to your blog, the title plays an important role in bringing the user to the article quickly. That's why you should write a compelling title inside the article so that you get the maximum audience. While writing the title, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep the length of the article limited to 70 characters because if the title is bigger than this, the search engine does not like it at all.

5. Write an Optimized Meta Description

The biggest point in the article is special, that is the description of the site, it is also called the meta description. Meta description plays an important role in making the article SEO-friendly because it is the meta description that makes your blog or article compatible with the search engines. The description gives the correct information about the subject of the article and the article and the article to the search engines. Meta description gives details about the website or article below and we can add our information to it.


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