5 Step For How to Create SEO-Friendly URL

5 Step For How to Create SEO-Friendly URL

5 Step For How to Create SEO-Friendly URL

Many times everyone has some problem with the URL, how to make a friendly URL and what to keep in mind and which points to target so that the image of your site is correct in the eyes of Google and that rank Could do We have come up with some points for you which will help you in creating SEO friendly URLs. This is the correct URL to point your site in the right direction. URLs should be fully readable, without any numbers, and short.

We have mentioned some points of making SEO- friendly URLs in this article so that you will get to know what are the things to be taken care of while making SEO-friendly URLs and for what reasons you can create an ideal URL in the eyes of Google. Is.

What is SEO-Friendly URL?

SEO-Friendly URLs are those URLs that contain your target keywords, there are no numbers, dates, or percentages in the URL, and the URL is in lowercase characters, that URL is called SEO-Friendly Url.

For Example :- https://www.domain.com/what-is-seo-friendly-url

Why are URLs important for SEO?

SEO-friendly URLs are necessary because Google crawlers or spiders first understand your website URL to understand the title tags, links or content of your website so that it can understand the main AIM of your site and give ranking accordingly. Could One SEO-friendly URLs are very effective in ranking your site, you should not ignore it. 

You must be wondering how to make an SEO-friendly URL, for this we have explained here with some points on how you can make it SEO friendly URL.

1. Use Lowercase Letters

Lowercase letters are also important in a correct URL which gives proper outline to your URL and makes it SEO-friendly. If you use an uppercase letter in URL, then there may be a problem related to your redirect or 404 which can be a hindrance for you, so you should use lowercase letter in URL So that there is no problem related to SEO and you can make SEO friendly URL.

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2. Prefer HTTPS

Https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is becoming an important aspect of security. If it is in your site's URL, it will help you a lot. Google's bots also consider https in the URL as important. If you are not HTTPS then you are away from SEO friendly URL and you are not true to Google's trust, it means your site is not secure. Https Today is becoming a huge factor in ranking, so you should replace the URL of the site with Https instead of http so that you can create SEO friendly URL.

3. URL Length

Its length is very important in an SEO friendly URL, if the length of your URL is more then you may face some problems in ranking in Google. A short URL is easily read by Google's bots and makes ranking easier. The excessive length of the URL deprives your URL from being search engine friendly that you to remain backward in the rankings. You should consider this point so that you can create a great URL. A URL should mainly have 50-60 characters, if you make a bigger URL like 90-100 characters, then it will be very difficult to rank in Google.

4. Use Hyphens, Not Underscores

If it comes to giving space in between keywords, then most of the hyphen is used. You have mainly two options in place of space first is hyphens or second is underscores but in both of these it is best to use hyphen which gives your url SEO friendly and a proper outline.

5. Include Keywords in URLs

The URL should contain keywords related to the main topic of your content which makes your URL SO friendly. You must add your keywords to the URL so that a better URL can be created. By having keywords in the URL, Google easily knows on which topic your site is, having keywords helps in ranking.

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