Why HR Need ATS Providers for Hiring in 2024

Why HR Need ATS Providers for Hiring in 2024

Why HR Need ATS Providers for Hiring in 2024

Finding the best ATS providers USA can be beneficial, especially if your company has multiple competitors. Hiring candidates is the most crucial activity for any company. This is because the hiring quality is directly proportional to the company's success. The better the candidates, the better the company’s progress. 

Hence, every company wants only the best for their better future. However, to stay ahead of competitors, you must choose one of the best ATS providers USA. Don’t know how to search for them? Worry not! This blog will look at factors to consider while choosing a provider. 

Not only this! 

We will provide you with a list of the best applicant tracking system providers USA so you won’t be confused about what to choose. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into how to choose a perfect ATS provider.

How Do You Choose the Best ATS Providers USA?

Ensure that the applicant tracking system you are choosing has at least the following features:

  • Make sure that the ATS covers essential core functions like resume parsing, vacancy posting, ranking candidates, communicating with the candidates, and similar tasks. These are the core functions; all the best ATS providers USA have this feature.

  • The software interface should be easy to use and pleasant to the eyes. The company’s HR team will continuously operate the system to hire candidates. Hence, it should not cause discomfort to the employees who will use it for multiple hours a day. 

  • The applicant tracking systems for recruiting agencies are highly integrated with already existing HR software, job sites, and career boards of the company. If the ATS lacks integration abilities, it is as good as a dead investment. 

  • Ensure the software provides a good candidate experience during the hiring process. Check how well it can draft a vacancy post and how it communicates with the candidates. Check whether it has readymade templates for emails and vacancies. 

  • All the best ATS providers USA take the utmost care of data security. The ATS has some of the most crucial information related to the company and the candidates. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the ATS provider to make sure there is no data leak or security breach. 

  • Customer support helps the recruiter to resolve the problem as soon as they arrive. Hence, search for an ATS provider with a sound customer support system that can reply quickly and efficiently to the user. 

Thus, while choosing an ATS provider, ensure it has the above-mentioned features. In the next section, we will take a look at the plans and models through which your ATS provider can charge you.

How Much Does an ATS Provider Charge You? 

The best ATS providers USA have different methods to charge their users. Some might consider the monthly pay, or some might be based on employees. Below, we have mentioned the ways through which your ATS provider can charge you. They are: 

  • Pay per job

In this model, the user needs to pay either the number of people who respond to the company’s advertisement or the number of people the company successfully hires through the ATS. This method is liked by many as the user only needs to pay for the people it hired and not any extra fees. 

  • Pay per recruiter 

In this model, the user needs to pay according to the number of recruiters who are using it. Let us assume that a company has eight departments, and each department has a separate recruiter. Thus, these recruiters will have their own login IDs and passwords. So, the company will have to pay according to the number of recruiters using it. 

  • Pay per employee 

Most of the best ATS providers USA prefer this method. Here, the company needs to pay according to the number of employees it has. Generally, for small or medium companies, the rate is $4 to $7. But for huge companies with many employees, the rate may fall as low as $1. This makes it affordable as compared to others.  

  • Flat fee 

Here, the ATS system is as good as free. But it has no access to exclusive features but the basic ones only. Thus, the recruiter needs to buy the features he needs and pay for those only. So, the recruiter does not have to pay for any features that he is not going to use. This helps in cutting costs and proves beneficial for the company.

  • Open source 

There are many open-source ATS options all over the internet. These are absolutely free of cost for all the users, and the recruiter can customize them as per their needs. However, these applicant tracking systems do not have any tech support team or any other supportive feature like other applicant tracking softwares. 

Thus, these are the models through which an ATS provider can charge you. Further, let us take a look at the list of ATS systems USA.

Did You Know? 

It is a total myth that the best ATS providers USA are the most expensive ones. There are multiple good quality and affordable applicant tracking systems available in the market. There are many options that start as low as $1 per employee. Thus, ATS software can be affordable and useful for the recruiter.

The compiled list of ATS systems USA: Top 5 Picks! 

We have extensively listed the best ATS systems in the USA. They are: 

Pitch N Hire (ATS)

Pitch N Hire is the ultimate solution to all your hiring needs. It is an AI-powered software that helps attract the best candidates worldwide. Moreover, it is highly integrable and fits multiple applications like Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Zoom, and Dropbox. It serves an extensive network of companies worldwide, being the best ATS for startups in USA

Top 3 features of Pitch N Hire: 

  • User-friendly AI-powered dashboard.

  • Free plans with other competitive pricing plans. 

  • Customized branded career sites.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud 

Oracle recruiting cloud is one of the best ATS providers USA and is used by over 1,000 employers. Moreover, it helps the recruiter to source top talent and facilitate the onboarding process efficiently with the help of AI and a simple interface module. 

Top 3 features of Oracle Recruiting Cloud: 

  • Integrated into Oracle Cloud.

  • Chatbots and insights for developing career sites. 

  • Conducts targeted CRM campaigns.


This ATS positions third in the list of ATS systems USA for its advanced features like online skills assessment tools and video interview tools. It helps you to elevate your hiring experience with the help of features like a user-friendly interface, resume parsing and management, 24/7 customer support, and similar. 

Top 3 features of iSmartRecruit:

  • Efficient job advertising. 

  • AI-based candidate matching system.

  • 24/7 customer support through chatbots.


This ATS can predict the future for you. Yes, you heard it right. It can anticipate the future hiring needs of the company. Thus, this feature tends to improve the hiring process for the recruiter and acquire future talent. Also, it allows the recruiter to automate multiple steps involved in hiring and make an efficient talent pool. Hence, this makes it one of the best ATS providers USA.  

Top 3 features of Greenhouse: 

  • Surveys to analyze candidate experience. 

  • Feature to anticipate future hiring needs. 

  • Multiple customizable email templates for better communication. 


This ATS is made for teamwork as it has a highly collaborative core. Moreover, it is focused on faster recruitment alongside interactive sessions with the candidates. This software claims to reduce the manual work related to the hiring process by more than 50%. It has 200+ integrations and an autopilot mode, too! This makes it one of the best ATS providers USA. 

Top 3 features of Recruitee:

  • Highly integrable with more than 200 platforms. 

  • Integrates electronic signature. 

  • Stores and manages employment data efficiently. 


Selecting the correct ATS system is one of the most confusing tasks. This is because every ATS provider claims to be the best ATS provider in the world. However, if you ask us, Pitch N Hire is one of the best ATS providers USA. 

When you decide to choose Pitch n Hire, you decide to make the very last investment towards your hiring expenses. This software will provide a complete solution for all your hiring needs. Moreover, it also provides you with a free demo where you can check your system's compatibility with our ATS. 

So, wait no more! Avail of the demo today! 

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q1. What ATS do companies use? 

Companies tend to use an all-in-one applicant tracking system that provides features like resume parsing, vacancy posting, accessible communication with candidates, and overall easy hiring of candidates. Moreover, it helps them to cut costs and make the ATS affordable. 

Q2. How do I find the best ATS? 

You can find the best ATS providers USA by ensuring it has core features like data security, collaboration tools, integration abilities, analytical abilities, and similar features. Moreover, it is best to take a free demo of the few ATS and decide accordingly. 

Q3. What is ATS in the USA? 

An ATS is an applicant tracking system. It is software made for tracking, sourcing, and acquiring candidates effectively. With the help of an ATS, recruiters in the USA ease the hiring process and reduce the time needed to recruit candidates. 

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