Windows That Save You From the Heat: What You Need to Know About Sun Protection

Windows That Save You From the Heat: What You Need to Know About Sun Protection

With good sun protections secure-house.co.uk security windows, wallpaper and furniture will not fade, and your eyes will not hurt from bright light. And, most importantly, the room will not be hot. There's no need to torture the air machine and spend a fortune on electricity. But what kind of sun protection is better to choose so that it would be good in summer and not sit in the dark in winter? In this short blog, we will discuss the answer.

Using sunglasses might help shield your house from the sun.

They have a unique coating applied to them that either reflects or reflects the sun's rays.

The rays are different, if very simply, it is:

  • UV rays (helps to get a tan);

  • infrared (heat radiation);

  • visible light.

UV rays practically do not pass even the most ordinary glass, without coating. But with the rest of the rays you have to work.

How Does Sun Protection Work?

When tinted, the glass is colored in bulk or a special film is glued onto it. Tinted glass reduces light transmission, but heats up and may break.

The mirror film acts as a reflector and does not get hot. Already weakened light enters the room. A good option if you want the room not to be viewed from the outside. However, the advantages of the film are extremely limited, since it is likely that after the first season it will crack, go “bubbled”, and the view of the window (and from the window) will no longer be so pleasing.

Metal oxide sputtering (reflective glass) works like a mirror film, but without deep saturation. During the day, the “mirror” is outside, and in the evening - from the inside. Reflective glass reflects light only in the direction where there is more of it.

The effect of such coatings is better than blinds: the light is dimmed, and the temperature in the room is about 5 ° lower. Such protection is good in summer, but in winter, in cloudy weather, the roo will be dark and cool.

Is there a Universal Solution?

This is a multifunctional double-glazed window - glass with a coating, which is applied in a vacuum-magnetron installation in an industrial way. Thin layers of silver oxide and other metals are applied to ordinary glass under the influence of an electromagnetic field. The main difference between multifunctional glass and energy-saving (heat-saving) glass is the number and composition of nanolayers deposited on the surface. In energy-saving glass, this is 1 layer of silver oxide, and in multifunctional glass, there are several layers of various metals.

Thus, the multifunctional double-glazed window works as a sunscreen and energy saving. At the same time, the glass remains absolutely transparent; natural light penetrates the house at any time of the year.

Protection in Summer and Winter

In summer, the multifunctional double-glazed window reflects the thermal radiation of the sun up to 61%. With him, the house is light and not hot.

Talking about winter, such a double-glazed window works as a thermal mirror. It reflects heat radiation from heating systems into the room and retains more than 50% of heat. This significantly reduces heating costs. Due to its high consumer properties, such glass pays for itself in a year or two due to savings on heating and air conditioning. All year long, an appropriate indoor temperature is maintained. One multifunctional glass allows you to reduce heat loss by 2 times.

Is it Possible to Install Sun Protection After Buying Windows?

If we are talking about multifunctional double-glazed widows, spraying or tinting in bulk, no. More precisely, you can replace the entire double-glazed windows, but the old ones will have to be disposed of. If you are planning to buy windows, immediately notify the consultant about the need for sun protection, and they will select the right double-glazed window for you.

But you can stick a tint or mirror film after buying windows. It is relatively cheap, but not as durable. Some manufacturers give a guarantee of 5-7 years, provided that the film is pasted according to the technology. At home, without special tools, this is difficult to do.

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