How to Download Facebook Stories with Music | Download Facebook Story Video

How to Download Facebook Stories with Music | Download Facebook Story Video

How to Download Facebook Stories with Music | Download Facebook Story Video

Users may now share their daily moments with friends and followers via Facebook Stories, which has gained popularity. These tales frequently include music, which increases their interest and entertainment value. But there isn't a built-in way to download these tales with music on Facebook. In this article, we'll look at a few techniques for downloading Facebook stories with music so you can store and listen to them later.

Method 1: Using a Screen Recorder 

Using a screen recorder is one of the simplest ways to download Facebook stories that have music. There are numerous screen recording programmes available for desktop PCs and mobile devices. Here's a step-by-step guide to using a screen recorder:

Install a reputable screen recording app on your device.
Open the app and adjust the settings according to your preference.
Find the story you want to download after opening Facebook.
Start the screen recording application, then start recording by following the on-screen directions.

Play the Facebook story as it is being recorded on the screen recorder.
Stop the screen recording once the desired tale has been captured.
The screen recording app's chosen folder or the device's gallery will both store the captured video.

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Method 2: Utilizing Browser Extensions

Another method to download Facebook stories with music involves using browser extensions. These extensions can be added to popular web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Here's how you can do it:
Find a reputable Facebook story downloader plugin by opening your favorite web browser.
The extension can be installed by adhering to the guidelines listed on the extension's website.
The extension will integrate with your browser once it has been installed.
Go to the story you want to download after logging into your Facebook account.
In the toolbar of your browser, select the extension icon.
There will be a menu of download choices. Decide whether you want to download the narrative with music.

The Facebook story will be saved to your computer's local storage.

Method 3: There are various third-party solutions if you prefer to use specialised software for downloading Facebook stories with music. These programmes were created expressly to extract stories from social media sites. Here is how to utilise such a programme:

Search for a reliable third-party Facebook story downloader application on your preferred app store or website.
Install the application on your device.
Open the application, then log into your Facebook account by following the on-screen directions.
You may browse the available stories once you've logged in.
Choose the narrative you want to download and the option to include music when saving it.
The programme will process the story and save it to the app's allocated folder or the gallery on your smartphone.

Although Facebook does not provide a direct option to download stories with music, there are several methods to accomplish this task. Whether you choose to use a screen recorder, browser extensions, or third-party applications, make sure to select reliable tools to ensure the security of your device and personal information. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can download and enjoy your favorite Facebook stories with music whenever you desire.

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